Saturday, August 11, 2007


Imogene Finch

And, two weeks late (according to a silly due date) but arrived precisely at 3:00 pm on August 8th, 2007 is... Imogene Finch. We're doing well, at home, being spoiled by family and friends and sleeping when it works...

More details to come, for now, pictures.

3 days old, dressed up to me Grandma and Grandpa Eidse.

Shortly after she was born, Daddy gets to hold her for the first time.

Me, a mom, at home on IF's second day. Thanks for the yummy pink roses, Mom.

Beatiful pictures and gorgeous mama! I'm looking forward to you giving your camera(s) a good workout. That picture of dressed-up Imogene makes me sigh with mushiness. I had a hilarious moment of baby fever until reality kicked in! The father & daughter shot is priceless.
Cool...very cool. What a sweetie! All the best to you 3, and congrats again. Thanks for the post during this hectic time.
Congrats to you both - welcome to parenthood! She looks so precious - all the best as you learn & grow with Imogene!
Oh my. She's beyond beautiful, so abundantly precious...and it's so cool to see her with her proud parents. A new era begins.

Also, her name was great, having seen her, it's perfect. She'll be funky and smart, creative and fun, just like her folks.
Yay! We were SO excited to hear that all went well, and you now hold your precious daughter! She is lovely - and you look great!
The picture of little Imogene is gorgeous... she is so perfect in every way!
The picture of you and Imogene also shows how beautiful you are. You beam with joy and happiness. Motherhood is a good look for you.
Aren't girls just the most fun to dress up?
Enjoy every moment as they, the children, grow up far to fast.
Love you... so proud of you...
Oma E
Esther, she is so beautiful. Mike and I are beyond happy for the both of you. I think this is when the best part of life begins. Enjoy every moment.

Love ya, and can't wait to meet you little lady.

Congrats! Love you! I am so excited to be an auntie to beautiful Imogene! Can't wait to see her again.
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